Bic 7’6 Mini Malibu (mini-mal) Surfboard & Boardbag

Due to injury I’m very reluctantly selling my Bic 7’6 mini malibu (mini-mal) surfboard, complete with fins and leash. Board is in used but very good condition with only the usual tiny surface scratches you d expect around the graphics, rails n tail. No big dings, no deck dents. These durac-tec boards are all but indestructible so a sound choice for the rocky UK shoreline or tarmac carpark which is often the quick scratchy death of other glossy epoxy or fiberglass boards (i speak from experience). This board combines excellent float and “big board” stability with a relatively sleek profile, making it a real all-rounder for beginner/intermediate surfers. I got this board as a beginner (having had a couple of lessons on soft-tops) and have used it with ease in everything from light unbroken waves, right through to big overhead-height sets where its proved to be as lively a mid-length board as an experinced rider could want. Comes with Bulldog boardbag. Cosmetically its a bit dirty, but a super tough bag. Made from 5mm padded, heat reflective, water resistant fabric with a gusseted tail section allowing you to keep your fins fitted. Padded enough to put in your car, on your car or even into the hold on a plane for when youre transporting your board abroad. Great bag, which is why the board is in such good condition.

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